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• L 120 x B 60 x H 27 cm

• € 2220 ,-

• L 140 x B 70 x H 27 cm

• € 2560,-

• L 160 x B 80 x H 27 cm

• € 2940,-


This is not just furniture, this is art. Art to be used and enjoyed throughout the rest of your life. Beautiful to look at, convenient to use. Eat, work, play and enjoy.


We use a specific Mortex technique. Different from what is commonly used.

By creating a deeper texture we ensure that the surface remains captivating to look at.

This method of placing is more complex than the standard Mortex technique and is shaped by the placer’s hand, creating unique pieces each time.


The FLINT collection is a reference to flint with a nod to the Flintstones and the stone age of yesteryear. The legs of the tables always follow the free form of the tabletop*, this determines the unique character of this collection. This type of design is patented by Atelier Nilsen.

Mortex Flint Atelier Nilsen

2.200,00 €Prix
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