Lounging will never be the same again when you can do it here, there… pretty much anywhere you can find air.



Width: 110cm
Depth: 120cm
Back height: 65cm
Seat height: 35cm
Weight: 6.5kg


inflation time : 5 min.


All of our Fillup Clubs are made out of high quality Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella has been the gold-standard in outdoor fabrics for over 30 years, found on boats, umbrella’s and also outdoor furniture. There are a couple of key elements which make Sunbrella the best choice for the outdoors:

  • Sunbrella keeps it’s bright colors under all circumstances, 100% UV-proof
  • Sunbrella is water- and stain-resistant
  • Sunbrella fabrics breathe and are completely mold-free
  • Sunbrella fabrics are extremely maintenance friendly, you can even put them in your washing machine

LAZY CHAIR - The Fillup Club

599,00 €Prix